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My passion is to inspire, inform, educate and support you in any way I can! 

One-on-one coaching or providing group, community building courses and events to help you and inspire you on YOUR journey

Freedom & Lifestyle Coaching for women over 50

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I’ve been a huge advocate of coaching in all it’s forms for many years.  Whether that’s at the gym, in my business, trying to lose weight, or being a better parent.  

We don’t need to do life alone; the greatest benefit of 3rd party coaching is that there is no hidden or emotional agenda to the outcome.  Only success however YOU see it!


Premium Coaching

One-on-one virtual “live” coaching – personally designed based on YOUR goals and YOUR timeline for success.


My life is full of crap!

Virtual group course on building lives full of CRAP:   Courage, Resilience,   Adventure, and Passion



Group “live” and individually paced programs to support you in downsizing &  decluttering your life for more time, money and freedom



Join Solo She Goes Community for on-going support, retreats, one-time-only events and ongoing freedom building series! 

1-on-1 Premium Coaching

If I can do it, you can too!

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Ready for a life change? You are NOT alone!


Have you felt any of these things?

Sometimes naming the things you feel can help you to understand them and start to overcome them…

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Wanting more or different in any realm can feel overwhelming sometimes – where to start, who can guide me, what will my friends and family think?  This could be anything from running a marathon to completely revamping the way we look at our retirement years.  Downsizing and decluttering is a necessary and cathartic first step – but it is NOT the end game – this is just the beginning!  Baby Steps…


Sometimes life feels “stuck” – even when everything seems good!  I found myself saying “this is good, but is this it for the next 10, 20 or 30 years”.  It doesn’t have to be!  You have so many options but first find your WHY and this will help get you unstuck.  Again, you are NEVER alone!  Many have been right where you are now – most likely with very similar life circumstances but each feeling the little niggly tap on the shoulder that says “THIS isn’t IT – there’s more!

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I think sentiment comes in all forms of emotions – sentimental attachment to our way of living, our stuff, our routine, and who we are!  It’s all comfortable … even if it’s not 😉 but our goal is to sort out the sentiment from reality.  To hold on to true sentimental memories but to not romanticize the past or the present and really drill down to what YOU truly want and how YOU truly want to be in this next phase of your life – who, how, where, when and what – all to be defined by you!


The old book by Susan Jeffers – Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – fear is not necessarily a bad thing – but you need to embrace it;  make friends with it; acknowledge it – and move on.  Matthew McConaughey in Greenlights talks about being aware of feelings and events that might just be yellow lights (not red lights) – that just need you to pump the breaks – look both ways and then safely proceed.  Fear is like that.  We tend to always see fear as a red light when maybe it’s just an opportunity to hit pause, look around, weigh your options – then merge safely back into the flow!

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