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Solo She Goes

It’s not about living solo – it’s about living solely responsible for what happens next!

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A little bit about my work

Find Your Way...(& Your WHY!)

Ready to downsize?

This is an important and daunting first step - don't try this alone

Struggling with WHY?

You'll need to have a strong WHY to stay motivated and focussed.

Find your tribe!

Connect here with like minded women - all carving out lives with more time, space and freedom!

What I Do

Sometimes you just need a coach in your corner.  Someone with no other agenda than to see you succeed – however success looks to you…I’m that person.  Through one-on-one and/or group sessions if you prefer.  I give you frameworks, guidance and accountability to acheive your goals – and to set them in the first place! (often the hardest part am I right?)

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One-on-One virtual coaching aimed at setting goals, creating healthy boundaries and providing accountability to achieve success!


Virtual Classes

Group online classes – LIVE – to connect with others who really GET where you are and are there as well or have been where you are.  You are NOT alone!


Ongoing Support

I’ll meet you where you are!  Through blogs, social media and direct contact – we’ll get your “there” together!


Download My Free Workbook!

The saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  If you’re ready I’m ready!  The first step is to check out my Downsizing For a Better Life Workbook where you’ll learn all about  my 4Keep Criteria. 

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