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Hi – I’m Nadine and first of all – welcome here!  You’ll hear me say this often and I really want to drive this point home before we go any further.  You are NOT alone!

You’ll also note that my tagline is:  “it’s not about living solo – but living solely responsible for what happens NEXT!”

Taking radical responsibility for myself has become an integral part of my DNA – the lens I view everything through in order to make ANY decision or choice…what I eat, where I go, who I spend time with and how I feel!  I’ve also committed to holding those around me as capable of being radically responsible for themselves – even if they don’t know it yet 😉

Being radically responsible for EVERYTHING includes what comes out of your mouth, IN your mouth, in your mind, what you spend, how you think, and basically every decision you make.

This is HARD!  It’s far easier to blame others, have things happen TO you, or in so many ways, be the victim or play the supporting role in your life story – presumably written by someone else.

YOU are writing this story – YOU are the star of the show – no one else!  More on that as we go…

So…what’s my story?

  • I left home at 17 to move across Canada, then onward to Australia & New Zealand – which really embedded the travel bug deep in my soul.  I never looked back!
  • I’ve traveled extensively alone, with my son (36 yrs my junior – yes I started late), and my mom (20 yrs my senior).  
  • I’ve been in the education field, finance, sales, construction and manufacturing sectors.
  • I’ve worked for school boards, private companies, big banking, global corporations and more recently 17 years as a small business owner.

For all of my various careers and experiences, I always knew there was one thing I was meant to do – to lead!  There’s no ego attached to that comment (you’ll get that as you get to know me) – I just knew I was supposed to be pioneering, exploring new paths, opening closed doors, wandering down less traveled roads.

Solo She Goes was born out of a sense that there were many, many women I knew or had met in my travels, women over 50, single by choice or by circumstances, on a budget by choice or by circumstances – but craving a more adventurous, simple and joyful life.  

I came to realize that many didn’t know where to start. I was hearing things like:

  • Travel looks exciting but alone – no way!  
  • Retirement looms ahead – but how will I afford it on my own?
  • Tiny or minimalist living looks very zen-like – but what do I do with my lifetime of stuff and family home?
  • I want more but society says I should be happy with what I have.

Solo She Goes was born to help, to be that accountability partner, a coach and a community to walk alongside you on your journey – whatever that may look like.

I’m glad you’re here!  You are NOT alone!


When I made the decision to really discover my personal core values - FREEDOM topped them all!
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My ultimate love of long term travel lead me to find all kinds of ways to enjoy this on a budget -
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